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The company manufactures equipments like EOT cranes, HOT cranes, Jib Cranes, Overhead Cranes, etc. Since, the company is manufacturing these products from around 10 years, we have become a reputed brand for supplying massive number of material handling equipments in industry.

As the name suggest, EOT Cranes are operated with the help of electricity. These cranes are very helpful in the industries, particularlly in the critical situations. Moreover, the Industrial Cranes we manufacture are designed under the supervision of the genius experts and skilled professionals.

 In these years of experience, we have developed a lot starting from a Crane and Hoist manufacturing workshop to a big industry. On the top of this, we have placed ourself on the top in the market because, we are known for the best supplier and Expoter of EOT Cranes ,and we supply best quality products, fast after sales service at modest price in compare to other dealers.

The Electric Overhead Travelling Crane also known as EOT Crane. We are Manufacturer of EOT Cranes that can not only move in both directions, but can also lift up and down the load. They are extensively used in industries like power sector, warehouses, shipyards, ports, etc. for its strong and robust body. Our E.O.T Cranes have a capacity of lifting weight up to 600 tons.

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