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We are manufactures and assembles plastic machinery parts for leading domestic and international of different market segments. We offer innovative solutions for conversion of Textile, electronic and air compressor plastic parts into engineering plastic components.Our facilities and experienced manpower process all types of manufacturing method of plastic parts including high temperature materials like Molded Finished Parts, Injection molded parts, Assemblies. We follow a Molded and Machined Finished Parts method assuring adherence to quality process and delivering quality products. 

Industries holds core expertise in manufacturing plastic machinery parts in India. Our company is known as a growth focused company that recognizes the needs of the plastic parts manufacturing industry. We supply all types of plastic machinery parts, Plastic Porto parts, Textile plastic machine parts, PU Part, PVDF Parts, Electronic plastic parts, Plastic P.U. Part, Air compressor plastic parts, Nylon moulded parts. We are specified manufacturer for producing the Plastic Machinery Parts material and designs are key for success in this industry market. The manufactured plastic Parts and shapes are certified products.

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