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A Pulley is really a kind of wheel with two raised edges in which a belt or rope can run. It is used for reduction of force and its direction. Pulleys can transfer rotary motion from one shaft to another or can be used to lift hefty loads. Pulley is useful for moving, pulling, and lifting loads to make our heavy work easier.Pulleys are used to change the speed of rotating axles. Pulleys are similar as compared to gear except they are not directly joined but linked by either elastic bands, tubular springs or some other flexible but strong material which is referred to as a belt. They have groves at the end in order to stop from slipping. Our variegated range of pulley consists of fixed, movable and combined pulley.

We have also achieved specialization as a leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Pulley, Gears, Couplings and Chain Sprocket with different specifications all over India. We fabricate all type of Pulley which accomplishes the complete need of manufacturer and their factory machines. Our first priority stays for the Quality of the pulley and for that reason we design in the same manner as per customer’s satisfaction. We are pioneer in manufacturing Pulley for wide range of products with top-notch quality by optimizing with the latest technology worldwide.

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