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Automated valves at these terminal devices or cooling coils provide the air temperature control. The heat absorbed by the water is transferred to the outside air through cooling tower. The main function of the chilled water system is to transport the cooling fluid from the chillers, to the load terminals and the back side of the chillers to maintain the space comfort. As the water is used in chiller as its secondary refrigerant, the heat from the water is removed by the chiller, which is then circulated through other components to absorb the heat from the space.

Water Chiller systems include both supply and return piping in a closed circuit, that way they are sealed from the atmosphere and don’t require extensive chemical treatment to control contamination and corrosion in the system. 

We are manufactured by us are used in Pharma & chemicals, food & beverages, private institutions, anodizing industry, multilayer and many other industries. We follow a strict quality check process, according to international standards before delivering machine to industries.

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