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We are the manufacturer of gantry crane as well as supplier of gantry cranes in the domestic and international market. These gantry cranes are available in different size and specifications that suits the best to the requirements of our clients. The price of gantry cane is kept to the least possible value to provide the customer cranes in the most economic range. There are various dealers and manufacturers of cranes in India who present a wide range of choice in the price. But compared to other manufacturing competitors, we offer them at the least price that suits the pocket of the customer. We even modify the cranes when requested by the client. The modification in them like the addition of extra features also affects the price range of the cranes.

Our company is most trusted in the market for manufacturing and supplying Gantry cranes exporter in domestic as well as international market. The cranes we manufacture are well equipped and made using high tech fabrication techniques. We have highly skilled engineers and qualified experts to handle the manufacturing process of these cranes to give top standard cranes.

  • Capacity: Lifting capacity of the crane
  • Hoist: Metric tons
  • Span: Total span of the crane
  • Duty cycle: The working drive motor and mechanism
  • Speed: Operating speed for moment of crane
  • Gear box: The size of gear box
  • Control: Cabin operation and remote control
  • Type of the control: Master control and radio remote control
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