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First thing to be known that Vibro sifter is also popularity known as Gyro screen. Vibro sifter which ensures the correct product quality of powders or liquids is achieved by removing oversize contamination. Vibro sifter is designed on the principle of the Gyratory motion and one of the most versatile and universally adaptable machines working across spectrum of industries. Vibro sifter in India carry out various duties including Screening and powder or granules sifting or classification, removal, dust removal from powder, granules, solid, liquid, separation filtration, syrup or oil, fiber/ husk recovery from liquid stream.

We the design the machine in order to achieve the multiple plane vibration by suitable assembly of the specially designed Vibratory motor that is having peculiar weight at the top and bottom ends of the motor shaft. In our offered vibrosifter the motor is enlarged upright at the centre of the screening congregation, on a circular base by means of springs which permit the unit to vibrate freely. Further the installed springs absorb the vibrations and prevent them to be transmitted on the floor.

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