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We are Leading Manufacturer of Mass Mixer for Pharmaceutical Tablet Powder.It has positioned itself among the leading companies dealing in pharmaceutical machinery in a very short span of time. We have emerged as a trusted manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of Pharmaceuticals Machinery, Mass Mixer Machine, Octagonal Blender, Laboratory Plant, Multi Mill, Fluid Bed Dryer, Paste Kettle, Tablet Press Machine, Vibro Shifter, Tablet Coating Machine, Double Cone Blender, Blister Packaging Machine, Tray Dryer, Roll Compactor and are well supported by modern Pharmaceuticals machines and equipments to carry out the essential manufacturing activities, backed by a professional team of design/production engineers and experienced work force.

Mass Mixer can blend the sticky substances and additionally uniformly and in detail blend the substances which can be to be tough to blend. Paddle like blades are there for green granulation and combining of material.

Mass Mixer Machine is largely used for Pharmaceutical for dry or moist substances of Tablet Granulation, Powder, and Chemicals. Powder Mass Mixer extensively utilized in Food and Confectioneries Materials. Mass Mixer blending a meeting in which the combination stirrer is in horizontal function within side the container and have an unmarried pace, easy rotation.

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